Straight from the source

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straight from the source

Nowadays, not many people still read the traditional newspaper. But we had to show people why it's still something good.

Project Details

The assignment was clear and simple. Make a commercial for a traditional newspaper. What newspaper did not matter for this first video.

What people find important is that they get the news as fast as possible and that it is reliable. If the news will arrive late, it is or not relevant anymore, or they have heard it from someone or something else before. And if it is not a reliable source, then they will find another source to read the news.

B4 headquarters

b4 was our project group. For me this was one of the better and nicer groups I worked with. We even had our own logo. Even though the workplace looked like fun, we worked really hard and were all proud on the results. .

Filming For me this was one of the parts where I could shine. Where I was able to show all my skills I had at that moment. But even though I had made multiple videos before, I had never used such professional cameras. So I was really excited to use them, and learn so much more about film. Also the concept itself was partly my idea. What I am very proud of, since this wasn't my best skill. I had a lot of different concepts and combined them with the other concepts to one great idea.

At date of writing, this project was about almost 4 years ago. The satisfying thing is not how I was editing in Adobe Premiere 4 years ago, and also not per se how I edit my videos now. No, it is the progress that satisfies me. It really shows how far I have come in such short notice. I have always been very motivated to learn new things in curtain subjects, and being able to see that all the hard work, actually works, makes me even more motivated for the future.