Food for thought

A project against food waist

Project Details

What people find important is that they get the news as fast as possible and that it is reliable. If the news will arrive late, it is or not relevant anymore, or they have heard it from someone or something else before. And if it is not a reliable source, then they will find another source to read the news.

Our project was about food waste. In this project we focused on students in all kinds off situations. So we did research in all kinds of ways. I set up a cultural probe and send it to many people. We did personal interviews and made surveys etc.

I first told my group that I would do the whole animation muyself, but because of deadlines and lagg of skill in illustrating, I asked Nadine for help, who did the voice over and the illustrations. I did the animating and the editing of it. The design of the cube was not all mine, but I build the whole thing at home. Building it was not the hardest part, but bringing it back to Breda was the most diffucult thing.