Hello and welcome to my world
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About me

My name is Job de Beer.

I am a photographer and filmmaker and I love to show the world through my camera. I enjoy telling many different stories in many different ways. From many different perspectives besides my own. Stories that tell and show how I see the world. The world as it was, is or could be. The world as I maybe want it to be. With film and photography this is exactly what I do, and more. My dream is to travel world with my camera and make content that I -and the world- will be proud of.

I prefer to be outdoors and I love to tour on my longboard.
Also a big fan of urban exploring.

How it started

I am a Dutch photographer and filmmaker. I have had a passion for it for a long time now, but I just started with it profesionally. My passion for it started with my ipod touch, which I took with me everywhere. It had an 0.7 megapixel camera on it. and for that time, it was just amazing! Later I bought an Iphone 4s, and no mather where I went to, my friends told me, they didn't needed to take pictures, since I would take them anyway. Step by step I found out more about the world of photography and film. I went to Ljubljana with a school trip. For me that was the week where a lot changed. I bought myself an antique tlr Voigtländer camera from 1932 and that's where my love for analogue photography started. I was there with my fellow students, and they showed my why you should be using multiple lenses. A whole new (old) world in analogue photography and a complete different one opened for me with digital photography and it's many lenses.